Danielle Sanderson

Danielle is an experienced Social and Environmental Consultant. After gaining her Masters degree in Social Science (Environmental Management) and working in the corporate sector for a number of years she has become a free lance consultant, primarily focused on her background in Environmental and Social Assessment.

One of Danielle's passions is the role that people play in developing integrated environmental management; particularly within South Africa. Part of this passion includes volunteering on the both the KwaZulu-Natal and National committee of the International Association of Impact Assessors, South Africa - the highlight of which, to date, was chairing the National conference in 2016. This involvement provides Danielle the opportunity to work alongside and engage with some of the leading sector, industry, and academic individuals in environmental management in South Africa.

Danielle's experience has included a variety of projects and roles in the field of environmental management, socio-economic development and social impact assessment. Environmental management experience includes numerous licensing and permits, EIAs, sustainable development integration and compliance auditing. Socio-economic consulting experience includes coordinating and facilitating community participation, stakeholder engagement and specialist Social Impact Assessments. In addition, Danielle has been involved in integrated coastal management and environmental planning, and experience in a number of sectors including renewable energy, mining, industrial, waste management, infrastructure and oil and gas.