Social and Environmental Management Plans

Internal auditing, policy development and training for international lenders and banking institutions in Africa.

Developing your businesses’ internal social and environmental  policies and meeting lender requirements can be a challenge. Social and Environmental Management Plans, and incorporating them into your internal policies and procedures is key to successfully meeting these requirements.

Envital can assist with developing your organisation’s internal social and environmental  policies and management plans. Train your staff and contractors to use and implement these policies.

Social Impact Assessment

Making the connection between people and the environment. SIA is a key tool for understanding how a project or development can result in social change. The positive management of this interaction between people and the environment is critical to ensuring social acceptance, and sustainability. From local interactions to cross-border networks, a social focus is key in sustainable and integrated planning.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment is a legislated tool for assessing the potential impact of a project or development on the natural and human environment in terms of the South African National Environmental Management Act (107 of 1998) (NEMA). Efficiency and experience in these processes are critical. 

Envital can provide environmental impact assessment study and reporting services, including Basic Assessment and  Scoping and EIA processes in terms of the NEMA and supporting environmental legislation. 

Environmental Management Training

Envital can provide tailor-made training courses for your organisation and employees on environmental management, legal requirements and best practice.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement with public and key stakeholders is fundamental part of the environmental and social assessment process. Public participation in environmental authorisation and other permitting processes is often a legislated requirement. Understanding individuals, communities, and organisations, however, can provide invaluable insight into the social viability of a project or process. Effective engagement, therefore, requires not only meeting legal obligations, but ensuring an appropriate level of engagement, and managing stakeholder expectations.

Environmental Management and Auditing

Environmental auditing can take several forms, from onsite environmental control officer to operational legal compliance. Reporting on the status quo of an operation, and providing recommendations forms a crucial part of the auditing process and legal requirements of your Environmental Authorisation.